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Here it is! Official release of the first single Peace! Free DL @SoundCloud Spread the word<3

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Stella in the Clouds, is the project and vessel of artist and songwriter Stella Haze. Currently living and performing in New York, by way of her native France and a detour through LA, Stella’s style playfully fuses minimalistic folk and chamber arrangements with spiraling acoustic guitars, rhythmic diversity, and ethereal yet fragile vocals and harmonies. Interplaying between force and compassion, the album delivers an experience that captures Stella’s impassioned idealism and love as a challenge to controlling forces.

Classically trained on piano at a young age in her town conservatory, Stella matured to be self-taught in guitar and voice and merge her love for classical phrasing with immediate and haunting melodies and harmonies.

Recorded in three creative periods in her current and native lands, Stella’s forthcoming debut album out on Diversion Records this spring, documents her personal journey through the city, up into the clouds, and back home again. With her intimate and explosive outpourings now on canvas, Stella invites you to share in her journey and take it in as a soundtrack to you own.