Slow Down Single Release
March 22nd, 2019

Slow Down is an alternative, melancholic chill track with psychedelic vibes about youth insouciance, that sounds like Radiohead’s No Surprise with hints of Tame Impala or UMO. Mixed signals and missed connections, making mistakes, nothing matters much when you have all the time in the world to figure things out.
You can hear and download the song on this private Soundcloud link:
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Soundcloud link available on March 22nd:

About the song

“I started writing this song thinking I was wrong on all the line about a certain relationship. I was looking for a place to find balance again, where the center could slowly shift between moments of past and future, to accept what is.
With no rewind button, I felt stuck between my reality and someone else’s, but also between old certitudes and the unknown. Then I noticed the sun was setting, and got caught by one of the last light rays. Between this moment and the night, everything felt possible no matter which direction I would go.
Like to slow down that moment, I wanted to capture the insouciance that belongs to our childhood, find that place which never cease to exist in each of us. Going to that place, with new eyes each time they open, I find hope here.
The artwork displays my fearless little nieces out in the middle of the sea carefree.”
You’ll enjoy this song if you like Pink Floyd … drifting in slow motion, with a smile.


Stella In The Clouds is a French-born singer, songwriter, producer, artist and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NYC. Her sound seamlessly explores various genres, ranging from the haunting textures of trip-hop and electronic music, to classical phrasings, pop, and folk. With influences ranging from Radiohead to Cat Power, her music sets an introspective tone to focus in, relax, or contemplate that last drag.
With over ten years of classical training, on her 2014 debut album Exile On Earth, Stella set out to experiment with a combination of folk, chamber and pop, playing different instruments to achieve changing moods and aesthetics. Her sound developed into something new and exciting by the time she released her second EP Awake We Dream in 2016. This time around inspired by modern composers, post-art-rock as well as trip-hop and chill-wave. The sound of both releases is emotional, with intriguing arrangements and honest performances, that carries like an hypnotic dream.
Her latest experimental indie-electro number Monday Thrill was released in 2018, accompanied by a dream-like video featuring interpretive hip hop dance set against the faded majestic beauty of Coney Island.

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