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The past couple days, i’ve been reading more and more about the emergence of Zutors. That rich parents would do anything for their kids education, and pay a private tutors basically to video Zoom with their kids, at a price tag ranging from $20 to $65 per hour.
Yes! This is a great idea! Genius the person who came up with this strategy (that’s sort of what this brilliant idea for universities and high school was asking for) a strategy, hence business plan, marketing, social media platform etc.
But wait….
So you mean that someone is totally profiting off this pandemic?
But more importantly, meaning that only the rich will be able to afford education here, and more than half the kids in this country will not be able to get that?
That’s not so right, wait, no I’m sorry that’s totally fucked up.
Can’t you tell me that schools aren’t able to be funded by the government to hire such tutors (“Zutors”) to do exactly that job for EVERY KID? Be it school teachers with added new hires if needed (create jobs hello!), allocating X amount of hours a day to each kid individually? Or maybe 2 at the time? Couldn’t the schools organize that with the help and a budget from the government? If we were all working together alas. And they, in charge, were all working on that (I don’t mean the schools who are trying to figure this out with no help) instead of pointing fingers at boogymen trying to divide rather than unite. So no, free market reigns. It really shouldn’t when it comes to education.

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