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Once we fit all the pieces together, a new world will arise

Back then during the 1918 flu pandemic or even longer time ago during the black plague, people didn’t work in offices or go to barber shops nor restaurants. At least in 1918, not at the scale as we do nowadays. Nor were there as many kids or young adults going to school and universities. So it was more manageable in terms of social distancing.

Today, its a cluster fuck, i don’t know how modern society can deal with it. We have to find solutions.

Working from home without wearing a mask all day, or going in the office wearing a mask all day. If given the choice, its a no brainier. At least for me. I have no problem wearing it when I need to, but if there is an alternate option, like working from home rather than from an office, where in NYC one has to brave the subway, the confined space of an elevator and sit next to several other masked people, I don’t think I would consider this a viable option, even for “only” 3 years.

For one, limit the in-office visit to meetings. Once a week or so. Same for school.

As for bars and restaurants, I guess the only solution is to lower the rent so that they can still operate and make a profit at half capacity. I don’t see any other alternative. Or obviously double their menu price but that seems like a doomed solution. It would be in normal times, let alone during the worse recession and perhaps depression ever.

For stores, i think the problem is less critical as people can choose to shop online or go in a store with a mask for 15 minutes or so. The time spent in a store is limited, and as long as stores enforce reduced traffic to maintain enough distance between people it should be doable. But obviously if they wanted to forgo of their space and rent, and retain employees to work from home and deal with shipping, it could be a better profit for them.

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