Double negative cusps

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There were 2 tsunamis
the most beautiful thing
from above, the waves were rising
Not from the horizon
but from the shores
the water was clear
as a lake like oil
just rising
in waves

This beautiful spectacle gave way to fear
as to not forget that we couldn’t just stand here
and watch
we had to move up the hill
as high as can be

Its always easier when you think of it
in reality
when you want to gather a few things
climbing up a hill
isn’t so easy

In hindsight
we could all have stayed put
the water never rose
that far up
But we didn’t take a chance
And this mindset gets draining, tiring
At some point
we are all bound to feel like letting go
And say just fuck it
Left to contemplate and revel
in the beauty and pleasures of life

We can gamble once, maybe twice
But at the end of the day
We need to climb up that hill

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