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Straight out of a 1980s movie
3 days after the blow
The ringing bells
We went back in time
Where things were just less busy
Non crowded streets
People hanging at street corner
Smoking dope or crack
That a week ago was a gentrified neighborhood
With $3000 rent for a one bedroom.
3 days is all it took
For all the rich to flee
And leave our city
It’s not just that
People staying in
Only those who can’t are out
Those who are bored to their mind and can take no authority
Or just have nothing to loose
Straight out of a 1980s movie
We went back in time
At that time the world was a bit different
Less cars in the streets
Isolation as we consider it today apparently
Social distancing as we see it now was normal socializing
Among friends and acquaintances
Family is the weak link
Today is our pandemic
So everyday life in 1980
In the streets of New York City
Looked like one of our social distancing day
More or less you get my point

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