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What the difference a day makes
Resilience we made it past another day
We are still free
Is feeling free a good mesure of what can be done and what cannot
As we individually have to assess because there is no get out of jail card we will get.
In life we took risks and now is when we figure out how to get out of this
It may mean take more that’s what they’d like us to do to save the economy and don’t we all want to save it
But it’s hard not to question some of its practice
The ways we have contributed to society all our lives and now a society that was supposed to protect us isn’t. It’s saying it cannot exist, starting with social distancing to the non functioning at its core of the right to protection. We have to figure it out on our own the natural way
So why should I give it more
The family as the first form of society
It’s primal
That’s how people live during wars
A constant fear lurking
If you can erase it
Go about everything almost like before just with a little more uncertainty that you’ll make it through the next month
The problem being the more of us doing this the more uncertainty it brings to tomorrow for everyone
It’s a dilemma
Because if not this, then it will be what we are doing now for the next 2 years.
Is that risk worth taking as a society
The general will
Or is it asking for more protection guidance and willingness to comply for safety if there was a plan in place
That would bail most of us if we couldn’t work for the next 2 years. That We could afford to eat have a roof over our head and just by trimming the fat we could stay put and make it through

Where to situate the general will

Unthreading the fabric of society
Doesn’t come at no cost for it

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