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Will we go back to what we know
Go back to doing things like we used to
Or will we let some go
Some of the benefits are of no precedent
Spending much less
And I don’t miss it
The restaurants, the shopping, the futile
I don’t miss that
I miss the hope the light the certainty of things or at least the less uncertain future
We truly don’t know what will happen as a consequence of the times we are living
Will both prime and health minister of England be on respirator and maybe one of them die. It would send this country into some dire shock. Will dictature or war erupt in other parts of the world because let’s face it, if America can inject trillions back into the economy, it isn’t the case of many countries in the world. They are following the quarantine lead. But maybe in the end since some of them don’t even really have an economy in place, it won’t affect them so much. Because the mortality rate between what we are doing and just letting the virus spread isn’t that big of a difference. In the grand scheme of things. We have already established that morally and ethically we don’t have a choice but to do what we are doing. We should have done it sooner. And better but where we stand, we just don’t have a choice. To wreak our economy. But if you don’t have one to start with, the quarantine is just what you do, what they did more than 5 centuries ago, during the plague. They say the black plague led to the renaissance in Italy. This country was already back then, particularly hit by the plague. « Price of food dropped and land value declined by 30-40% in most parts of Europe between 1350 and 1400. The survivors of the plague found not only that the prices of food were cheaper but also that land was more abundant, and many of them inherited property from their dead relatives, and this probably destabilized feudalism. »

This isn’t the plague. Yet. But a similar pandemic could develop. So imagine what that would be like. If this Covid already brought us to our knees. We aren’t immune. This is a test of nature. And maybe nature has some wicked plague like pandemic waiting for us at the end of this tunnel. Who knows, this is just to say that we can take time to reflect. On our society, on the meaning of what we do.

Sit with stillness. Rather than business
Sit with stillness. Rather than business

To sense the full insouciance of children. They know something is up but they aren’t anxious, for them today is like yesterday.

One thing we can do again after all this is over
Is walking across a city, biking. That don’t hurt the planet. We can see friends hang love play music.

Once things settle down and it could be in 50 years, there are things I’d like to do again but some that aren’t essential. And it seems to come down to this delimitation : essential vs non essential business. Where do you draw the line and who will get the pie.
I’m defining what is essential to me. There isn’t many business involved.
So quit ruling the world with it

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