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The grocery store. What a scene. Most people wearing masks all kind of different ones because no one is really prepared and so we grab what we can. From a scarf to dust, medical, to full blown chemical warfare masks people are wearing whatever they can find. Gloves, and you can read the anxiety in those who are alone mainly and unprepared. Those who maybe just moved to the city and find themselves in the middle of this situation. Those older folks, who normally makes me rave about this city, today are roaming the aisles as well, disoriented and lost to say the least.

If this is like the Spanish flu 2/3 of us will get it in a 2 to 3 years span. The models calculate and predict 50% of us will get it, on the brighter end, and 2/3 on the worse end. So that’s a lot of chances of getting it. At some point when we get a hang of it, that we have enough ventilators and masks and all the needed stuff to try to save the most, then when we get it, we have even more than 98% chances of surviving it. That isn’t much chances of dying, relatively not much more than car accidents maybe. So when we are at this point, we should probably get on with living life as we used to know it.

This is only temporary because we are in shortage of the needed supply and so medical workers get infected, they need to make those inconceivable choices daily between people who’s going to die and who’s going to live. So we need to solve that problem fast. Or their resilience may wear out fast. Civilians turned from one day to the next, all over the world’s hospitals into the most critical part of saving lives. That’s what they do everyday regardless of the situation. But now they are probably overworked, have to deal with their kids not at school for many, and confronted to more death in a day then they may have in a month or year prior to this. Obviously risking their own lives at an alarming rate daily, being at the contact of a virus that we know so little about. Without enough protection, equipment, nor sleep. We need to lift the weight of their shoulders. All of us, must help these people and alleviate their pain. By trying the best we can to dodge the virus. Thats what our species does, we help each other survive.

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