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The world will go dark
Borders closing down
We are all going to stop doing what we do
All day long
All night long
Some things will remain
Most of it will change
A gigantic pattern change
Breaking the whole chain
Globally by day 3
We’ll have reach a unique moment where the gas emissions, the economics, the businesses, the people
Will be either stranded or get to go on
What will decide
Savings, temporary relief
Who really can get out without scars
Will we get help in one form or another or are we all just taking a gamble
Just getting by see what tomorrow’s made of
Feels like a punch in the stomach
No one asked for but here we are
We unite or we fight
Are we going to read more, be more attentive to what matters most
Everything that was yesterday
That will not be tomorrow will it be missed
Are those concession so hard to make and for who
Will chaos set in
At the brim of the unknown we all retreat
Farewells will society survive
Resilient species like in Sci-fi movies
We learn but we are trying to protect each other
Yo what’s happening
Will we all sing have cabin fever or end up in the hospital
Its a 2 to 3 chance
Mother Nature forcing us to stop frozen in our tracks
What do we do how do we adapt
People maybe will read more and magazines too
Digitally or in news stands
Like in the old days or not
Time is slowing down, the frenzy the busy the buisness
But what if the internet went dark too
Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen
Tomorrow is another day
Been living this way for ages
Months of isolation tunnels of creation
Trained at this like the best soldier

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