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If you can do it online choose this option
2 weeks ago I would have chosen the other without hesitation
This is the tip of an iceberg made of massive layoffs
With everything coming to a halt
We are learning to live without a job.
Because realistically the chances of getting a new one are slim.
If you live day by day paycheck to paycheck we are asked to make this sacrifice. We gladly do rather then the alternative. There is no alternative. We must figure it out. Survive
We are not offered 1.5 trillion directly
Just the hope that at some point we will get some help until then we figure it out. So far so good I’ve made it through another day, for some.
Suddenly this homeless man feels closer
That is the way he lives everyday while we are passing by.
He right now gets the help of no one either, like everyday he doesn’t have a job and tries to survive in this city.
But right now, very temporarily we hope, we don’t have a job either or close to, a matter of months
A massive amount of us suddenly
In the whole world too

I wonder how they would send individuals each a paycheck. Logistically where do you start. There is no entry point for such a measure. How do you reach every single one of us.
And then there are companies more or less big that choose to go more in debt to sustain those dozen of jobs people depend on.
Hopefully making the gamble on the people is the right one to do.
That we can help out each other

That maybe with 1.5 trillions we could give the knowledge to make the virus test and financial help to each country who would then each select a X amount of medical labs to produce the virus test. In a matter of one month we could have a lot if not all the people of the planet be tested. Quarantaine those who are affected, let the virus die there and let the other ones free. A month is probably feasible for a lot of us. Definitely not all. But it could save the economy. And that sounds a bit more hopeful. That for sure it won’t last too long. Suddenly the message lessen the level of anxiety. It is moral and if ethically raising up to this can put us in a better place it lessen the crisis. It is idealistic but there is really no reason why we can’t do it. My friend Aaron came up with this great plan, it deserves to be heard.

And then there are all these other things of life, those that matter that you can still do. Love and spread positive vibes. That’s one thing. A daily ritual, making coffee, a routine, a corner of street you pass everyday. With a different scent, a different sight, a new sound, with new eyes. We are made of humanity and can still find enjoyment while being submitted to a test, that all things considered is given to us by nature.

We can place blame that we should have been prepared that someone will have to be accountable or we can see the positive changes that this force imposed on us.

Maybe the online option will save our earth. Limit our mobility but in the end, is it such a bad thing if we continue to exist. As a society. As we know it but with some changes. That are reversible. For our grand kids. A sacrifice I am willing to make. Loosing physical daily closeness to each other for a while or for longer, until we find a better way to heal our planet, is worth the trade.

« you either get busy livin’ or you get busy dyin’ »
The pleasures of life
Some remain, find them.
Tomorrow is another day

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