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Once in a century or so, nature tests our survival skills. As a specie. Can we save each other. As Individuals. Reminding us how we ought to use our intuition and senses to navigate the invisible. Trust your guts to survive.

Think for yourself. I don’t mean selfishly. I mean if the government, health care officials tells you its ok to go to the supermarket or to take a walk, don’t make it about you, to make a point of taking 20 walks in the day just because they said you can do it. They are trying to avoid locking us in entirely. They are trying to keep the core economy (food, construction etc…) at a minimum level as to reduce the humongous impact that this whole situation has imposed on our societies. They are trying to slow it down in order to have enough medical supplies, infrastructure to save the most people. They are trying to protect those who risk their lives to save us all.

When they say don’t wear masks to us as a mass, its because there aren’t enough for everyone. And so even though it is obviously best to wear a mask, such message would spread panic and fear among us. But it makes total sense that covering your mouth and nose (and eyes) with the denser fabric possible would keep most of the risk of a virus loaded droplet from entering your system. And even more importantly, if we all wore masks as Asian cultures do, then the silent carriers of the virus would do so too. Likewise when they say to only use N95 respiratory masks because they are proven to work 99%, or 70% degree alcohol to disinfect, these are facts. But a dense fabric would still be better than nothing. So find something that can work, and cover your mouth and nose. And if you only have 40% alcohol, rub it in for 2 minutes instead of 20 seconds.

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