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Watch out they are coming
I’m not trying to divide by implying them vs. us
Not trying to politicize
But I have to situate myself
In order to make the right choice when the decision comes
Here’s a power play entering the game
Corporations vs the people
We have a puppet at the lead
Who will get swayed by a brush of wind
Back and forth, up and down
Not only the message is disastrous
But the swaying all makes us sick

They are coming for our location data and more, privacy.
The democrats have rejected a bill
And so it goes, let the wolves unleash
Threaten to kill millions of people vs. trying to save them
The wolves are out
They want their piece of the pie back

And now in order to not kill these people, we ought to toss all our privacy rights at the window. South Koreans gave it all up. If they can, so can we. They tracked everyone over there to monitor the outbreak, a fully functioning surveillance machine. Are you ready for this?

Is that the choice you will make. Give up all your rights to privacy, to not be tracked 24/7, to not have all your moves monitored, to not have recorded every second of your life, to not get fined thousands of dollars for stepping out of your apartment when you shouldn’t have done so, for running the risk of having all this information exposed out in the wide compromising family… To « save » the economy.

At this point the damage is done. I mean maybe if tomorrow we resume everything, pretend nothing happened and just go on with our lives and jobs, the damage will most likely be less than if it lasted 3 months of closed businesses. But in that hush decision, we are not only condemning to death more people, but who does this profits.
The larger corporations. Some of them are expecting a 1,5 trillion dollars bailout.
They won’t even feel it.
The smaller businesses, restaurants, hotels, for the biggest and the smallest pretty much every other businesses aside from food, construction, banks, medical supplies did I forget one, yes most of silicone valley giants. But these are now in the first category. Does this profit them. Is a question.
A large chunk of the population won’t profit from giving up their rights to privacy.
More importantly, a large chunk of the people so far got nothing, just promises of a $1000 check. I think I did the calculation earlier of how much that 1.5 trillion would come to for each one of us if divided that way rather than in between corporations, banks etc. It would be more than $1000 each. But we get the short end of the stick. If we even get it at this point, these were just promises. The debate has turned to the bigger fish in the pond.

And unfortunately right now bureaucratically we are in this for at least another 2 weeks. So that’s impossible.

In 2 weeks, we will be totally screwed, if not laden with more debts. It would be worse in 2 months. But you wouldn’t be subjected to loosing your rights to privacy. If you set your conditions on what you expect. If you don’t want to be another statistic start by wearing a mask.

And let them play their games.

Help out your neighbor or do what it takes to get you to the next day.

Let them figure out their mess. You take care of attending to the people. Those we are trying to save. Because without us too, they are screwed. The ones that make the statistic difference we are all talking about. They are people.

Not money or business. And this is what we are trying to save first.

Morally and ethically. Things that our puppet in place can’t recognize.

We have given up a lot for this already. Let it crash.
We are fed up.

A big propaganda machine.

Where you draw the line is up to you to decide. You are responsible. Maybe that kind of privacy, or rights aren’t important to you. But think thoroughly about it. In either case you won’t benefit from the situation. But this is the game that is playing out. Behind the curtain of the virus.

Yes let the doctors decide of the turning of our society. Nature will reward us. No don’t let the corporations and business decide of our future, sentencing all these people to death.

We need to maintain a moral compass in our societies. Or the weakest will get devoured by the strongest.

The democrats are fighting to get us a 2 trillion aid package. That would probably work better for us. If you should support this. Support the game.

Ultimately, it is a test of nature.

How long before we go mad. Its only day 1.

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