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Nature is saying
It’s time to rebuilt your fort
Because if I can take your house of cards down so easily
It’s not well made
It’s not secure it doesn’t work for survival
It doesn’t function well
It doesn’t have enough equipment to save everyone to assure the security and the right to be protected by a government. Your governments fail. All of them
Your economy collapsed
What you live by and for everyday
Maybe it’s time to rethink
The basis of what we fill our days with
Some are essential but most aren’t
Business has ruled the world, corporations
But it fails at sustaining one of the basis of what a society is created for. Protecting each other, protecting everyone. Germany is way better prepared, so was South Korea. But so far, most of Western Europe and America has failed. NYC is about to run out of ventilators this weekend. With 500 people dying everyday when we still have enough to cover everyone who needs one. So this number is going to exponentially grow this weekend. All this while sending all the medical field on the front lines completely unprotected. They are asked to take in the load of their dismissing the primary reason

Everyone’s home on a Friday night in New York City
That just never happens. Even during a blizzard or a hurricane. And we’ve had them.

You got to grasp the meaning of this word
Metaphorically we will always be a step behind
Literally everything that happened, just now or time ago distance away any type of measurement that is supposed to be equal if calculated will be more.

We will have our city back
Nature sends us a message
We ought to listen
All of us be attentive
Make it to the next day
We will have our city back

Making music alone or online
Is not the same
What will we let go and what will remain

On animal time
You watch you play you eat sit and reflect
You hunt
Groundhog Day

And it teaches you
When it tried to show you that you could die any day with a big bold message
Sirens and alarms and lowering us to our knees incapacitated in a modern world
There are those who left
There are those things you can’t let go of
But a lot of unnecessary business comes to an end
Manicure pedicure

Listen to every sound that is being made
Offered to your senses
Watch her instinct listen to your instinct
If you should be scared if it’s nothing
If it feels good or bad if you want to take a chance maybe fall

And sometimes you keep searching
Like it’s Groundhog Day

Cats don’t like microwaves
Their instinct is to fear and flee

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