When we want to dance we dance

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When we want to dance we dance
Smokey’s gone fishing
How to navigate
All the information
Coming from all sides
Opposite information

But when we want to dance we dance
To find some fun out of life
That feeling it’s a gut feeling
This is how we navigate

Imagine aerosols flying out of singers mouths

And we are now all wearing a mask
Dodging the facial recognition technologies everywhere
Will we all end up with masks
Like an avatar or the comédie del Arte
Jokers and clowns
All of us
Or keep it functional practical
Surgical masks for everyone
Green in summer and blue in winter

Like in medieval times
All the warriors up on their horses
Wore armors and masks
Only coming through were the eyes
You can read a lot in people’s eyes
The face of society might be changed
For a while

It’s a monster maybe 50 years if it were like the plague
Or 1 or 3 if it’s more likely to be like the spanish flu
We don’t know

So really I’m just gonna chill and take it day by day
Make it through the next
And the next
We all will
This magma of will
All of us
That’s what we do
To survive

All I need is here
All I want maybe somewhere
Is it so
When you start craving the physical closeness, the interaction could it be where we stay strong
Or when we just want to dance we dance

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