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The rules I set for myself to live by for the next who knows how long…

#1 : Always wash hands before touching face. No matter when, no matter where.
#2 : Daily Contact with 5 people max. The less the better, keep it at one if possible.
#3 : Grocery store once a week. Its hopefully only for 2 months. The less trips you make there, the more you reduce your chances of catching and spreading the virus. It also makes space for other people. If we all respect that, stores will be less crowded and thus less likely to be a pole for spreading it. Take a non crowded nature walk instead.
#4 : Wear a double layer of cotton facemask when in contact with other people than those designated safe. Like at the grocery store. Possibly gloves. If wearing gloves, wash them with soap after every use.
#5 : Walk daily and exercise (hopefully will continue after its all over)
#6 : If someone I know gets sick and needs assistance, i’ll take care of this person while protecting myself with one of the 2 respiratory masks I just found in my closet from working in the woodshop some years ago. The second one I would give to the sick person. Bring food, I’ll drive to a hospital if necessary, if that means finding a hospital in a different state or somewhere less crowded.

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